Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Some Favorites and New Acquisitions

So I didn't shop my face off this week, but I found the most amazing necklace ever.  There could not be a more appropriate necklace for me to have in my life. The mysterious powers of thrift strike again. So after I got obsessed by the egyptian necklace in my friend's booth at the flea, I find an enormous gold and enamel cobra necklace. Seriously bananas! Its not signed and someone probably wore it with their cleopatra costume for Halloween but...every day is Halloween around here. The other thing I found was the crazy geometric bird on the shoulder sweater. I can't wait to wear that with high-waisted jeans. Two of my favorite motifs...birds and snakes. I also found stuff I forgot I bought and got into a jewel tone frenzy. I especially love the deco-ish colorblock purple dress. I also found those amazing white fringe zodiac rockabilly shoes and then I decided I'd photograph the metallic oversized rockabilly jacket. My friend was telling me how he cornered Janelle Monae at a party this week, and it stuck in my head. The Florida bag I found in a bin and I've had it for like 12 years. I got it at my favorite Miami thrift store and it reminds me of living behind an orange grove in Ft. Pierce and climbing the fence after the workers went home to pick oranges. A coral snake also shot out of a window AC unit like a cannon at my mom's pregnant belly while living there, but thats a whole nother blog. There's also the blue/black dress with the weird beaded do I feel about that? Will get back to you. I do love the obscenely low cut Stephen Burrows dress and the turquoise fringe beaded vest...mama does love her a fringe vest. Enjoy.....

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