Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mergers and Acquisitions, Brooklyn Flea Vintage & Record Fair

So if you know me, you know that my only rule for dressing myself is that I don't wear black...I think this stems from growing up in the hot ass tropical jungle that is South Florida.  Its actually kind of strange to see people wearing head to toe black in Florida, anyway...I digress. So lately I've actually been taking my time looking through the black section when I go thrifting and I'm actually considering wearing black this fall (NY is finally seeping into my wily ways). None of these things are all black, they've all got embellishments, grommets, rhinestone. A little pizzazz so as not to feel I especially love the red/gold/green sequined number, ironically the label is Sequin Queen....coincidence? I think not. I also love the Eres skirt with the pop art tree print. The "Colette" bag is from Beacons closet yesterday. Its ginormous and when my husband went to pay for it he said it belonged to the cashier. She had it for 10 years and was ruing the day she sold it, but oh well. I promise to love, cherish and obey it. My other fave thing this week is this nudish color hat that looks like a brain with a bow on it. I actually feel like my brain has a bow on it sometimes. I also love the 2 tone accordian pleated caftan and the quilted silky Bill Tice robe. Yummm, love those peachy flesh tones with loads of gold bangles and baubles. Ahhhh, so after being thoroughly inspired by my finds this week, I decided to check out the Brooklyn Flea's record and vintage clothing fair, under the picturesque Brooklyn Bridge. It was fabulous. Lots of variety and a really great vibe. My favorite thinks were the massive Egyptian necklace at Joseph's jewelry booth and a pair of bananas ass wide leg pants with an invisible sailor at my friend Amy's booth...shout out to Jellyroll vintage! Enjoy! and p.s. please bare with me as I navigate the confusing world of html and accessorize this blog. XO

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