Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dreaming of the ocean......

So there's a crispness in the air. Its usually around this time every year that it starts dawning on me that winter is coming. This usually means I start fantasizing about going to faraway, exotic and warmer places.  For years I have been obsessed with going to Palawan in the Philippines.  I saw a documentary on it on PBS and the seed was planted. Its like a 20 hour flight to Manila and then you have to take another 2 hour flight by propeller plane. Unfortunately I saw this documentary after I got pregnant and I don't foresee myself going on this adventure for a little while longer, but a girl can dream....Going on a South American vacation is alot more realistic. I haven't been to Argentina and Uruguay (my motherland) since pre-baby but the time has come to go back. I cannot say how much I love Buenos Aires. It looks like Paris and is beyond cheap. Not to mention the San Telmo flea market (one of the best in the world!), the food, architecture, people, underground tango clubs, street fashion. When I was there we were shooting next to an old costume shop. I ended up coming home with a suitcase full of weird showgirl dolly costumes, it was ridiculous. Uruguay is really emotional for me, its like a step back in time. Its really laid back, all the roads are still unpaved, everyone hops on their moped down to the beautiful beaches (only 2 blocks from my grandparents estancia!). I rented a car and drove with my aunt and uncle to Punta del Este (think South Beach). Not so impressed (I grew up in Miami) but there are smaller towns in between montevideo and Punta del Este that are groovy and worth checking. If you're that close to Brazil, you have to go. This is the route my mom made in her yellow VW bug on her way to America. We lived in a tent on the beach and washed our clothes in the ocean. I think this is where my gypsy dreams were born. We're going to try and make this trip happen in February, as I'm sure we'll be needing a break from the cold. Of course we'll go to Rio but I'm dying to check out the red dune beachesof Morro Branco further north. Might be hard with a 3 year old but my mom did it and I think I was a bigger pain in the....than Yeshai. 

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