Sunday, August 15, 2010

Before I go....

Rykiel cherry print apron dress
Richeline, as knocked of by Marc Jacobs

Oh lawd, I hear African drums in the distance

This might be the motherload of caftans and has the biggest "wingspan" I've seen on a garment

So, this is probably the last update I will do from my upstairs office in Brooklyn. For so long I had been a pouty baby about shopping in NY and the surrounding areas bc I was sure it was picked over and I wasn't going to find anything and how could anything possibly be better than digging in South Florida? Well, for once, I was wrong. I only regret thinking about what I missed out on. I mean, this is the place where I found a quilted coat with a leather patchwork mallard duck on it and my pink and black leopard weirdo cocoon sweater dress. I started realizing that even eccentrics get tired of their stuff and want to pass it on to eagerly awaiting vintage obsessors so they can keep shopping. Oh New York- we have had such an intense relationship. You've dressed me in your finest rags, will DC be able to compete? I will keep you posted. In the meantime, enjoy my pre-fall warm-up....

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