Sunday, June 20, 2010

Can't Stop,Won't Stop

Personal acquisition of the week, and no your eyes are not fooling you, those are padded kimono sleeves

I know, I couldn't believe my eyes either...

Don't be fooled! Its a scarf(which will be sewn into a caftan) and a cropped bolero

A creampuff dream

Such gorgeous embroidery and fabric


Wild Horses


Really good hardware

So I'm finally at the tail end of this heinous cold/club lung that has been pounding my immune system for the past 3 weeks. So what better way to celebrate than to go out and dig? Some days I felt like shit and that translated into what I would find, and then I put my good vintage vibes out and voila....magical scorpion necklaces and embroidered caftans appear. There is so much other good stuff I found but my camera was dying and I was too lazy to wait for it to recharge. You'll have to make due until the next post. P.S. I think the gargantuan moving sale will be in the next 3 weeks...I will keep you posted.

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